Spencer Cullum's Coin Collection - Seaside
Victor Herrero - Avellaneda
Enji - Diary Of June 9th
Caroline Peyton - Still With You
Mary Perrin - Dedication
Sophie Janna - Lonesome Robin (Bob Coltman Cover)
Marcelo Camelo - Liberdade
Marcelo Camelo - Doce solidao
Marcelo Camelo - Copacabana
Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno - Love and Chains
John Lee Shannon - Native
Lucas Santtana - Brasil Patriota
Matt Dorrien - Sure Miss Those Days at Christmas
Adam Hurt - Pony Boy
Andrew Bird - Night's Falling
Cricket Blue and Friends - Ms. Langtree's Lament (Over the Garden Wall Cover)
Andrew Bird - Christmas in April
Johanna Samuels - High Tide for One
Leyla McCalla - Vari-colored Songs (A Tribute To Langston Hughes)
Icarus Phoenix - The Future, for Emma
Leith Ross - Everyone I've Never Met
Adrianne Lenker - Anything
Logan Farmer - No One Owes Us Anything

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